Month: July 2008

Karma is who You Are

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When I first encountered this thought, Karma is who we are, it appeared strange and very unfamiliar to me. But, over the years as my understanding of karma grew, I began to understand the full impact of this insight and I would like to share with you this awareness about karma in this article.

Karma Background

In the West we tend to view karma as good or bad or positive or negative. We think of karma as our past sins and very much view our time here on Earth as a living hell or payback time for the karmic “wrongs” of our past. Karma is usually also described as for every action there is a reaction or cause and effect. It is believed that an action now will have an opposite reaction in an incarnation to come. This is not true. For example if you were a victim of a robbery in this incarnation, it doesn’t mean that you have been a robber in a past incarnation. This view is simplistic and destructive for your soul evolution.

Karma is neutral, it is never good or bad, it is not negative or positive, it is just APPROPRIATE for whatever we have to learn during this incarnation with our set of karma. It is our human mind that colour our karma as good or bad, because we have taken incarnation on this planet where we have two polarities, the positive and the negative.

All is Energy

Think of your karma as energy. We acknowledge the fact that all is energy, even our bodies, some dense, some very light. If we view our karma also as energy, then the energy of your thoughts and acts becomes who you are. Therefore all your actions, positive or negative, will remain in your energy field as part of you, until you have have reached the evolutionary point in your life where you are ready to release the energy pattern as part of your awareness growing and evolution.

How does this release happen?

 As a yogi we need to learn that the release of our karma is closely connected to our emotional response towards the specific energy from which we need release.  When the Christ gave us a new law, the Law of Love, he was referring exactly to our emotional response towards all our karmas in life. Love is an emotion, it is the strongest emotion we are humans can harbour and express and when we allow the Law of Love to manifest itself above all else in our lives, it is then that we gain release from specific energy patterns.

At its core then, our karma is a process of healing damage to the soul as well as evolving from this healing towards our final enlightenment and release from the samsara of taking rebirth. By understanding the process of karma, we also assist the entire planet and all its inhabitants to evolve. Therefore in the bigger scheme our own undertsanding of karma, we aid the evolution and awareness of others who come after us.