The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Part 1)

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This article is the first of a few parts as the topics are too long to post in one continuous post and I feel publishing it in parts makes digestion by the reader easier.


For many yogis the connection between the Chakras and yoga is an aspect that is a bit fuzzy. Some yogis are not exactly sure what yoga has to do with chakras or what chakras for that matter has to do with yoga.


When I first encountered the chakras system through yoga I always had the feeling that somehow the two must be more closely related as opposed to what most books and teachers described.


In this article I shall explore the rejuvenation and awakening aspects that exist as a connection between these vortexes of energy known as chakras and yoga and how they are all utilise to lead the individual soul to deeper understanding and awareness of “who am I”.


Mind is connected to the body through breath and it is the breath that carries this energy via our nervous system to the different energy points situated on our subtle body called the chakras and nadis. By learning how to work with these energies and how to operate and move in the limitation of the body and energy system, the mind is brought under control of the Atma and freed from the entrapment of the forced thinking process. The result is a consciousness that is free to embrace its own spiritual nature, a mind that is mindful and centred within and a body that maintains optimum health.


Bhakti Yoga is the umbrella

The overall umbrella under which all the other yogas and chakras operate is that of Bhakti. Bhakti yoga refers to the practise of devotion. Not only devotion to the Divine and the Self, but also devotion and commitment to one’s own ideals, goals and principles. Bhakti is the glue that hold it all together. Bhakti is also the inspiration and motivation for the individual soul to seek deeper and to discover “who am I”.


Without Bhakti very little can happen. Bhakti teaches the individual the persist no matter what, it cultivates endurance and allow the soul to flourish in the face of devotion and commitment. You need Bhakti to realise the other yogas and to effect their powers in the chakras they are associated with. Seen as such bhakti becomes the activator for all the other yogas.



If there is a sufficient orientation towards Bhakti in the yogi, he or she will have the necessary endurance to complete their sadhana or practice in life with great efficacy and success. Connected to Bhakti are the Yamas and Niyamas. By practicing the Yamas and Niyamas, the yogi reinforces his/her commitment and devotion to his or her path. Bhakti cultivates persistence through right observances and actions, which will lead the yogi to greater integration in his or her life.


(Article continues in part 2)


One thought on “The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Part 1)

    Yoga Articles said:
    December 31, 2008 at 19:39

    Good introduction. There’s so many different definitions and appearences of yoga that many beginners get confused. After all, Raja Yoga certainly doesn’t look anything like the yoga they practice at the gym, and your definition of Bhakti yoga doesn’t look anything like what I have seen and experience.

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