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The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Final – Sahasrara)

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Mantra Yoga – Sahasrara

Mantra Yoga is an intricate study of sound and its influence on energy, on mind, and on the external world.


More than just chanting of certain sounds, this goes more deeply into the essence of what sound is as vibration, what type of sounds affect which area of the body, mind, – what the mental reactions are etc. Then comes the application of certain sound formulas to create the desired results. Fundamentally it comes down to the reality that all is energy and that energy is in a state of vibration – vibration is sound.


Practice of mantra will unfold the 7th Chakra: Sahasrara.

CONSCIOUSNESS itself is the seventh element; a form of primeval powers that is the awareness of all the other forces. This element is not of the physical world yet permeates it to the deepest level. Awareness as an element is part of the eternal realm of the universe, that part of each individual that goes on from body to body. Wherever you go there must be an awareness of being there, whether it is heaven, hell or earth you are conscious of being there. It is the constant essence. It is difficult to say how one experiences this particular element because this is the element that does the experiencing, the witness to all of life.


SAHASRARA CHAKRA is actually centred above the head though its awareness goes through all aspects of the body. This being the center of your conscious experience it has the strong tendency in normal life to become wrapped up in the vortex of mind energies that keep it entertained for ages on end. Yet, it has the power to direct all functions of the energies at the six levels below it, when it is free. From this Chakra one has immediate access to the energies of the universe above and to the knowledge of eternity. For this the awareness must be focused upward and away from bodily or earthly concerns.


The PINEAL gland is influenced by the energy of this center and in turn directly influences the pituitary gland. In studies done with light and colour for instance it was seen that the energy impulses coming through the optic nerves, from whatever colour one is looking at, influenced the pineal gland to put out certain hormones that tend to govern the hormones subsequently produced by the pituitary. Each colour and form has a specific influence on the entire endocrine system. As an experiment try looking at an attractive mandala, then switching to an attractive member of the opposite sex, naked, and observe your mental, emotional and physiological reactions to what your eyes are seeing. Observe and draw your conclusions; then you may decide to choose carefully what you focus your attention on.


CENTER is the direction, or could we say inward. From this center you might go North, South, East, West, down or up but they are all away from the Center of yourSelf. The chakra energies are further explored and enhanced in Kundalini, Kriya and Tantra Yoga.



The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Part 5 – Ajna)

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Yantra Yoga – Ajna

YantraYoga has to do with the structure of mind, energy and time.


One of the least known forms of yoga, it is like a study of cosmic (sacred) geometry and how it unfolds as mandala, and mathematics as in the measurement of time and the biorhythms of the chakra energies. It involves numbers, symbols and colour, leading to an understanding of how these influence the mind; while through the time cycles a personal calendar can be made to help us see how the energies are affecting us by the day, month, year, etc.


This form opens the inner eye, the 6th Chakra: Ajna.

Mind as an element is held within the energy field of this chakra. Its nature is truly magnetic. Even in the fifth chakra where I called the power electromagnetic, the controlling factor of such energy is the magnetic line of force; it’s like the guideline.


For this reason, and others, the sixth chakra is called the command Center. In the energies that’s what it is; likewise in our physiology, the brain is the basic command Center for the whole nervous system, and that in turn is the command Center for the rest of the body. This is where all of the inputs for the senses of the body come for processing. This is where our perceptions are focused into the image we perceive.


Each of the other senses has an influence on each of the chakras, but here at level 6 all those influences come together to form our view of reality. In the Yogic view there are 18 senses to be considered and understood. Eleven of those are windows out into the world through which we see conventional reality that most people agree on. Then there are 7 senses of inner perception that are psychic in nature; with these we view the mental world of our civilization. From clairvoyance to telepathy and empathy, these subtle inner senses allow us to see the unconscious world. Here we can put together the inner and outer worlds, the dream world and the “real” world.


This chakra is divided into two, like the left and right hemispheres of the brain. What this is describing is our own masculine and feminine functions of mind. The masculine is the more active side, which decides and directs action whether they are mental or physical. The feminine is the more passive perception, which observes what is going on. Obviously they both need to work together so that we are aware of what we are doing. However, it seems to be very few who have them working in balance.


In the glandular system it happens to be the pituitary gland that has the direct link to this magnetic energy. This is the grand master of the endocrine system. It puts out the hormones that influence hormonal production of all the other endocrine glands. This gland is also situated in the middle of your head, in the middle of all your thoughts. It has only been in very recent years that Western science discovered the relation between mind and body, yet in Yoga this has been understood for millennium.


Violet is the colour associated with Ajna, and this colour is made from the union of two others. The harmonious blending of colours is much like the essential function of this chakra seeking to blend and unify, bringing pieces of the puzzle together to create a more complete picture. In this way we come to understand. Knowing may belong to the fifth chakra, but understanding what we know happens at the level of the sixth.

The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Part 4 – Vishuddha)

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Raja Yoga – Vishuddha

Raja Yoga may be more commonly known as the yoga of the mind, and that it is. Here we find many methods of working with the mind through creative visualization and use of verbal and vocal process. There is a lot of learning about the functions of the mind followed by skilful use of mind energies to achieve certain results within the body; as in healing, and out in the world as in manifesting your dreams. Meditational practices that take you out of the normal world to explore the inner world are a large part of this Raja.


This type of Yoga awakens the power of the 5th Chakra: Vishuddha.

The element of ether is best translated today as that of electromagnetism. It is this energy, which sustains most others. In fact all of the lower energies are condensations of this one. In its free form it fills the universe, containing all those quantum frequencies of energy that we perceive as light and heat, as well as those we do not normally perceive at all. Radiant energy emanating from each of the billions of stars, and coming at us from all directions. By its very vibration it moves out in all directions, just as sound does.


The vibratory nature of this energy is indeed very much like sound. In your nervous system and brain it stimulates thinking as a verbal function while at the more physiological level it is most evidently flowing in the throat. As you might have guessed the voice is involved.


The sense plugged in at this level is hearing. Voice, hearing and sound are all connected don’t you think?


The endocrine gland in the throat area is the thyroid, while within it lies imbedded four smaller glands called the para-thyroids. These hormonal producers put out the chemical messengers that govern several functions. Of the most known is the influence on metabolism. The thyroid is in charge of the speed with which you metabolise food, the actual rate of the cell’s activity. This of course controls the body temperature as well.


The para-thyroids have to do with bone structure and the utilization of calcium by the bone cells. Whether or not you assimilate the calcium in your diet depends on these tiny little glands.


Mentally this fifth chakra energy influences the verbal thought process, whether this is voiced out loud or remains part of the internal dialogue it is still vibrating energy. This places it right back in the realm of electromagnetism. Now if you observe the speed at which you think and then change it by speeding it up a little you might notice that you can control it, kind of like with the accelerator on a car. All that has to do with vibration lies in this center but the actual control of it comes from the center above.


Blue is the essential colour of the energy, like the sky. Though talking and verbal thinking may not always be up there, the sky blue colour is an indication of how high the thoughts can be. In the electromagnetic spectrum (which are called the akashic records) are all the philosophical thoughts and the true knowledge about the universe. At this level one can see that the brain is just the radio, the universe is the broadcast and the communication is in the energy waves. You decide what station you want to be tuned in to.


North is the direction to face while looking into the realm of Vishuddha chakra as it helps line up our brain cells with the magnetic currents from north to south, making for an easier flow of energy through those cells and a resulting clarity of mind. The gateway to knowledge lies in this direction, but you need to be aware that knowledge comes in bits and pieces of information and does not necessarily lead to wisdom. Too much of this energy creates an overactive intellect, and that is probably white man’s greatest disease.





The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Part3 – Anahata)

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Karma Yoga – Anahata

Karma Yoga is a more subtle study of the laws of cause and effect as they apply to our personal life. In essence it is a study of how we have created the situation we are in now and subsequently look at what we would like to create in our upcoming years and lifetimes. Techniques involve self-analysis of thoughts, emotions and feelings, leading to insights about where it all comes from, and how to change the undesirable aspects. In practice it comes down to being helpful and compassionate with everyone, thereby creating positive karma.


Karma Yoga unfolds the 4th Chakra or  Anahata.The element of Air and the force of expansion. This force can be found at many levels of life from the expanding universe to the growth of your own body. If you take the two north poles of a couple of magnets and try to push them together you will feel this energy. It is subtler than fire and invisible, yet a very powerful creative force in the scheme of life in the material world.


Lungs and heart both are connected to this energy and utilize it with every beat, with every breath and expansion and contraction. The endocrine gland plugged into it is the thymus. This gland is the center of the body’s immune response system; the energy spreading out from here sends out the white blood cells that sweep through the body looking for foreign invaders. If any are found they are systematically pushed out of the body, after being neutralized through whatever it takes. This system in itself is amazing and somewhat miraculous when it is functioning.


Developing the fourth chakra will bring the system to peak performance.


Touch and feeling is the sense related to this level of our being and this can become a very large arena when you consider all of the feelings we are capable of perceiving. When energy moves we can feel it. Energy in motion (E-motion). Any of these motions, which we deem unpleasant and do not want to feel, can be suppressed with the reaction of also suppressing the breath. At an unconscious level.


Green is the colour of this energy while a six pointed star lies in its center. This star is made of two triangles, representing two powers, which come together in this center, with every heartbeat and with every breath.

Physically this realm produces many of our feelings, from the most physical to the most sensual to the subtlest. All of those feelings which lie under the threshold of consciousness are also contained here – from your heartbeat to cellular metabolism. Etc.


Mentally we are still focused on feelings and also enter the realm of the subconscious where we may have stored years of unresolved events with all of the emotions involved. However, just as the breath is a subconscious process in the beginning, so also the whole realm of the unconscious opens up when we begin to take over the control of breathing. Be aware of what comes up for you.


West is the direction of this particular energy and introspection is its nature. By going in depth here it is possible to go beyond the normal bulk of one’s own stuff and to the level of intuition. Another chakra lies in this beyond, one called GURU HARIDYA MANAS, which translates as the “teacher within one’s own mind”. It is here that you can establish a direct link with the wisdom of the universe.