I AM Light Mantra

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I have many requests for this mantra as I use it sometimes in my yoga classes. This mantra was given to me by my own teacher, Sri Durga Devi, who was a student of the Astara School of Wisdom, from whom she learned this mantra and again passed it on to all her yogis. You can read more about this Wisdom School here: http://www.astara.org/astarian/index.shtml

I AM whole, I AM full of Light
I AM perfect, I AM full of Light
The Light surges into and through my blood
Making of it a fountain of Living Light
Bringing purity, vitality, youth and beauty
Into my being and body now.

My Father and I are One
I AM surrounded by the pure white Light of The Christ
Nothing but good can come to me
Nothing but good shall go from me.

I give thanks,   I give thanks,  I give thanks.

More about Mantras:

Mantras can excite the emotions and give suggestions to the mind. Mantras affect both the one who chants them as the one who hears them. The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit “mantrana”, which means advice or suggestion. In a sense, every word is a mantra. In our daily life we use words to get everything done, obtain everything we need. Each mantra or word is a sound pattern that suggests to the mind the meanings inherent to it and the mind immediately responds. According to Ramana Maharshi, repetition of mantras (japa), with attention directed to the source of the sound, completely engages the mind. The source is not in the vocal chords alone, but also the idea of the sound is in the mind, whose source is Self. Thus the practice of mantra repetition is more than a suggestion, a bit of advice or an idea. It is a means of getting in touch with our self. Mantras may be used for religious worship, for japa (repetition), for healing, to help spiritual evolution, for purification, for making offerings and in Mantra Yoga. Some mantras are only chants or expressions of nearness to the Divine. But some saints who were inspired by divine love and unshakable faith used these mantras in their own spiritual practice and their followers afterwards started using those mantras, calling them mahamantras or great mantras.


2 thoughts on “I AM Light Mantra

    nubreSeneisee said:
    December 13, 2009 at 00:59

    I highly enjoyed reading this article, keep up creating such exciting articles!

    meditation mantra said:
    May 25, 2011 at 10:45

    Thanks! I loved reading your posts. They are informative. keep it up!

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