Sri Durga

Sri Durga Devi

(*23 July 1932 – 30 March 2018+)


Willie Met Kol


My name is Willie Cloete and I am a yoga teacher (Acharya) in Pretoria, South Africa. I am a full accredited member of the Yoga Teachers Fellowship, which is a accredited again by the International Yoga Federation.

I started doing yoga in 1996 on my own steam, but decided in 1999 to take it a step further and join the Sivananda Yoga classes of Sri Durga Devi at the Theosophical Society. Sri Durga is an initiated disciple and devotee of Sri Swami Sivanada of Rishikesh. In 2007 Sri Durga decided to retire after nearly 40 years of dedicated and selfless service and yoga. From Sri Durga I learned that every aspect of yoga is important and that yoga is more than just a set of asanas, but that it is an integrated lifestyle and discipline. She expected a huge amount of commitment and dedication from her yogis, something I expect as well from my yogis in turn. A great deal of my gratitude still goes to her for her guidance and strict, but loving teachings.

With Sri Durga’s blessings and approval I started my 500-hour Teacher Training Course in Integral Yoga with Maggie Chavannes in 2007. Maggie was also a student and yogi of Sri Durga and doing my TTC with her was a natural continuation of the path set by Sri Durga. In 2008 I started teaching my own classes with emphasis on all the aspects of yoga. Apart from teaching the asanas, I concentrate also on pranayama, bandas, mudras, mantras and other aspects of yoga such as bhakti, karma, laya, tantra, jnana and kundalini.

What is Yoga Pranam

Pranam is poorn, meaning “absolute” in Sanskrit. It is the expansion of Truth. Namaskar is naman – bowing your head in respect and humility. It is a form of salutation and respect. Pranam is Pranav, it is Om, and Om is the only Truth. Pranam is the expansion of this truthful soul. It is the expansion of the soul – may your good qualities come into me and may mine get assimilated into you – effortlessly. Everyone’s soul is truthful, illumined and blissful, Pranam is its expansion.

In the gesture of above mentioned explanation of Pranam, I offer all my good teaching and qualities to my students and pray that it would be assmilated into your life to become your ultimate own Truth. My yoga offering is just an expansion of your soul, of your Truth and of your Blissful Self and as such I pray from my heart that you will experience this expansion in a very tangible level in my classes. This is also the mission of my classes, to add to your soul expansion.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


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