2019 Yoga Retreat:

Dates: 19-22 April 2019

Where: Sima-kade Sky Terrace

Cost: R2800, includes accommodation, lunch, dinner and all yoga and other activities. Exclude breakfast and travel expense.

Who can go: I shall give preference to my own yoginis and yogis. If there is open spaces, anybody who are into yoga and want to do a retreat is welcome to join.

Programme: Will be emailed upon request.

Why should I do a Retreat? A spiritual retreat is a wonderful gift to yourself. It is a chance to pull back from routine life patterns and focus on yourself as spirit. It is about making time for yourself on a deep level. It is about making space to find your centre, get grounded in yourself, release the old, and give birth to the new. This will be probably your first retreat with me and as such you will have many questions about what to expect, what to get out of it and how it will be conducted. I do this retreat to give you the opportunity to:

  • assimilate what you have learned in class a completely gentle and sympathetic space, surrounded by nature, peace, harmony and enjoying good organic vegetarian food.
  • ask questions about yoga and discuss topics, issues and problems that you have encountered so far in your learning.
  • focus on individuals who need perhaps assistance with specific problems and for which we do not always have time in the classes.
  • finally get to know each other better and also journey inside and getting in touch with the Self.

Every retreat is unique and is made by the people who go on the retreat, what you get out of it depends solely on what your willingness to be open to the experience and to meet the Retreat without any expectation. I am very excited about the two up-coming Retreats for 2015 and look forward to see most of you, especially those who haven’t done a retreat with me yet, at one of the Retreats or both. Namaste and Blessings, Willie




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