The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Part 5 – Ajna)

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Yantra Yoga – Ajna

YantraYoga has to do with the structure of mind, energy and time.


One of the least known forms of yoga, it is like a study of cosmic (sacred) geometry and how it unfolds as mandala, and mathematics as in the measurement of time and the biorhythms of the chakra energies. It involves numbers, symbols and colour, leading to an understanding of how these influence the mind; while through the time cycles a personal calendar can be made to help us see how the energies are affecting us by the day, month, year, etc.


This form opens the inner eye, the 6th Chakra: Ajna.

Mind as an element is held within the energy field of this chakra. Its nature is truly magnetic. Even in the fifth chakra where I called the power electromagnetic, the controlling factor of such energy is the magnetic line of force; it’s like the guideline.


For this reason, and others, the sixth chakra is called the command Center. In the energies that’s what it is; likewise in our physiology, the brain is the basic command Center for the whole nervous system, and that in turn is the command Center for the rest of the body. This is where all of the inputs for the senses of the body come for processing. This is where our perceptions are focused into the image we perceive.


Each of the other senses has an influence on each of the chakras, but here at level 6 all those influences come together to form our view of reality. In the Yogic view there are 18 senses to be considered and understood. Eleven of those are windows out into the world through which we see conventional reality that most people agree on. Then there are 7 senses of inner perception that are psychic in nature; with these we view the mental world of our civilization. From clairvoyance to telepathy and empathy, these subtle inner senses allow us to see the unconscious world. Here we can put together the inner and outer worlds, the dream world and the “real” world.


This chakra is divided into two, like the left and right hemispheres of the brain. What this is describing is our own masculine and feminine functions of mind. The masculine is the more active side, which decides and directs action whether they are mental or physical. The feminine is the more passive perception, which observes what is going on. Obviously they both need to work together so that we are aware of what we are doing. However, it seems to be very few who have them working in balance.


In the glandular system it happens to be the pituitary gland that has the direct link to this magnetic energy. This is the grand master of the endocrine system. It puts out the hormones that influence hormonal production of all the other endocrine glands. This gland is also situated in the middle of your head, in the middle of all your thoughts. It has only been in very recent years that Western science discovered the relation between mind and body, yet in Yoga this has been understood for millennium.


Violet is the colour associated with Ajna, and this colour is made from the union of two others. The harmonious blending of colours is much like the essential function of this chakra seeking to blend and unify, bringing pieces of the puzzle together to create a more complete picture. In this way we come to understand. Knowing may belong to the fifth chakra, but understanding what we know happens at the level of the sixth.