The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Final – Sahasrara)

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Mantra Yoga – Sahasrara

Mantra Yoga is an intricate study of sound and its influence on energy, on mind, and on the external world.


More than just chanting of certain sounds, this goes more deeply into the essence of what sound is as vibration, what type of sounds affect which area of the body, mind, – what the mental reactions are etc. Then comes the application of certain sound formulas to create the desired results. Fundamentally it comes down to the reality that all is energy and that energy is in a state of vibration – vibration is sound.


Practice of mantra will unfold the 7th Chakra: Sahasrara.

CONSCIOUSNESS itself is the seventh element; a form of primeval powers that is the awareness of all the other forces. This element is not of the physical world yet permeates it to the deepest level. Awareness as an element is part of the eternal realm of the universe, that part of each individual that goes on from body to body. Wherever you go there must be an awareness of being there, whether it is heaven, hell or earth you are conscious of being there. It is the constant essence. It is difficult to say how one experiences this particular element because this is the element that does the experiencing, the witness to all of life.


SAHASRARA CHAKRA is actually centred above the head though its awareness goes through all aspects of the body. This being the center of your conscious experience it has the strong tendency in normal life to become wrapped up in the vortex of mind energies that keep it entertained for ages on end. Yet, it has the power to direct all functions of the energies at the six levels below it, when it is free. From this Chakra one has immediate access to the energies of the universe above and to the knowledge of eternity. For this the awareness must be focused upward and away from bodily or earthly concerns.


The PINEAL gland is influenced by the energy of this center and in turn directly influences the pituitary gland. In studies done with light and colour for instance it was seen that the energy impulses coming through the optic nerves, from whatever colour one is looking at, influenced the pineal gland to put out certain hormones that tend to govern the hormones subsequently produced by the pituitary. Each colour and form has a specific influence on the entire endocrine system. As an experiment try looking at an attractive mandala, then switching to an attractive member of the opposite sex, naked, and observe your mental, emotional and physiological reactions to what your eyes are seeing. Observe and draw your conclusions; then you may decide to choose carefully what you focus your attention on.


CENTER is the direction, or could we say inward. From this center you might go North, South, East, West, down or up but they are all away from the Center of yourSelf. The chakra energies are further explored and enhanced in Kundalini, Kriya and Tantra Yoga.