The Relation between Yoga and the Chakras (Part 4 – Vishuddha)

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Raja Yoga – Vishuddha

Raja Yoga may be more commonly known as the yoga of the mind, and that it is. Here we find many methods of working with the mind through creative visualization and use of verbal and vocal process. There is a lot of learning about the functions of the mind followed by skilful use of mind energies to achieve certain results within the body; as in healing, and out in the world as in manifesting your dreams. Meditational practices that take you out of the normal world to explore the inner world are a large part of this Raja.


This type of Yoga awakens the power of the 5th Chakra: Vishuddha.

The element of ether is best translated today as that of electromagnetism. It is this energy, which sustains most others. In fact all of the lower energies are condensations of this one. In its free form it fills the universe, containing all those quantum frequencies of energy that we perceive as light and heat, as well as those we do not normally perceive at all. Radiant energy emanating from each of the billions of stars, and coming at us from all directions. By its very vibration it moves out in all directions, just as sound does.


The vibratory nature of this energy is indeed very much like sound. In your nervous system and brain it stimulates thinking as a verbal function while at the more physiological level it is most evidently flowing in the throat. As you might have guessed the voice is involved.


The sense plugged in at this level is hearing. Voice, hearing and sound are all connected don’t you think?


The endocrine gland in the throat area is the thyroid, while within it lies imbedded four smaller glands called the para-thyroids. These hormonal producers put out the chemical messengers that govern several functions. Of the most known is the influence on metabolism. The thyroid is in charge of the speed with which you metabolise food, the actual rate of the cell’s activity. This of course controls the body temperature as well.


The para-thyroids have to do with bone structure and the utilization of calcium by the bone cells. Whether or not you assimilate the calcium in your diet depends on these tiny little glands.


Mentally this fifth chakra energy influences the verbal thought process, whether this is voiced out loud or remains part of the internal dialogue it is still vibrating energy. This places it right back in the realm of electromagnetism. Now if you observe the speed at which you think and then change it by speeding it up a little you might notice that you can control it, kind of like with the accelerator on a car. All that has to do with vibration lies in this center but the actual control of it comes from the center above.


Blue is the essential colour of the energy, like the sky. Though talking and verbal thinking may not always be up there, the sky blue colour is an indication of how high the thoughts can be. In the electromagnetic spectrum (which are called the akashic records) are all the philosophical thoughts and the true knowledge about the universe. At this level one can see that the brain is just the radio, the universe is the broadcast and the communication is in the energy waves. You decide what station you want to be tuned in to.


North is the direction to face while looking into the realm of Vishuddha chakra as it helps line up our brain cells with the magnetic currents from north to south, making for an easier flow of energy through those cells and a resulting clarity of mind. The gateway to knowledge lies in this direction, but you need to be aware that knowledge comes in bits and pieces of information and does not necessarily lead to wisdom. Too much of this energy creates an overactive intellect, and that is probably white man’s greatest disease.